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You go to your Doctor and have your annual checkup, afterwards you book an appointment for next year’s check, any week will do a year from now. Same with the dentist, six months ahead for a clean. The dog needs another bath in 2 months time, there goes another week with one appointment in it. If these weeks turn out to be inconvenient you can’t just change them to the next week as often they are booked our weeks ahead. Everybody you see (hairdresser, car service, physio) wants to make an appointment that suits them.

‘Escape Planner’ is there to help you control your day and week time management. It doesn’t take detailed appointment entries. It makes up for it by being fast and easy to block off time with an activity in a day. It lets you quickly see those days that are occupied and which part of the day. It lets you pick a time and day that suits you.

When you’re making a new appointment, simply open ‘Escape Planner’, go the appropriate month and pick a week which already has activities in it. If none then pick a week to block off with one new activity or stretch out the appointment time to a more suitable week. Put the new appointment into ‘Escape Planner’, believe me it won’t take two seconds to add one of your existing activities.

Once you have your appointments under control you now have free weeks for your leisure activities what ever they may be.

ESCAPE PLANNER PRO - Standard Features:

Built for iOS 17.

Activity updates on the calendar are sync’d across all iOS devices using the same Apple ID for each of the devices and iCloud.

When you install Escape Planner initially an introductory two year planning window is provided which expires after 2 months usage. Following that the planning window reverts to 6 months which you can continue to access indefinitely. The planning window is the range of days from today which you may access and update.

A lifetime in-app purchase is available to extend this planning window to two years. In-app purchases and purchases of non-renewing subscriptions are shared across your iOS devices.

ESCAPE PLANNER PRO - Premium features:

There are no auto-renewing subscriptions to lock you into paying for something you are not using. Access to premium features is a via non-renewing subscription. Assuming you are still using the app then it will advise you when your subscription is about to (or has) expired and allow you to purchase an extension from within the app. Should you not re-subscribe then after a grace period the app will revert to the features as described in ’Standard Features’ above.

By buying Escape Planner PRO, you'll gain access to all premium features which include a ten year planning window and all new features added to the app. In the short term it is planned to add iCalendar support and the ability to create multiple reoccurring events. Both of these will populate your calendar for the planning window.

iCalendar’s are a web based service which provide a list of future events, included events that are periodically updated to cover new years. The app will check for updates and if found add all new events to the planning window. Typical iCalendar’s available are public holidays for your region, school holidays and team sporting fixtures.

You can purchase the PRO premium upgrade via in–app purchases from within the app. There are four different PRO subscriptions covering different time periods:
- 1 month subscription
– 3 months subscription
– 6 months subscription
- 12 months subscription

You are not locked into any subscription period. When you renew, you can choose what ever one you wish. Renewals prior to expiry will carry over the remaining days to the new subscription.

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