Camping Solar

Harness the sun's power like never before! Camping Solar helps you get the most out of your portable solar panels. Get the sweet spot for panel placement and treat your batteries to amp hours like never before.

Forget the old tilt-and-pray! Camping Solar calculates the golden angle and direction for you during a time interval ensuring the optimum amp hours collection.
No more guesswork, just pure sun-powered efficiency. Set it and forget it!

Input your panel's wattage, and Camping Solar provides estimates of the amp hours fed into your battery—both lithium and other battery types.

Use your iPhone to guide you in setting up your panels to the recommended orientation

Use the app to seek out and avoid shading obstacles, shift the panels to their best position and work out the interval the panels will be in the sun.

Dive into detailed insights on panel placement with three visually striking graphs to see why the proposed direction has been recommended.

Unlock the power of complex calculations with our consumable token model! Access complex calculations seamlessly while enjoying unlimited use of simpler ones. Begin with a complimentary 25-token free trial, and easily purchase more within the app. We understand you might go off-grid sometimes, so enjoy a 10% grace period before needing to top up.

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